I just graduated from Western Sydney University.  At 48.  I studied Counselling & Mental Health with my Daughter, Amy.  I love learning.  It's something I am open to every day.  So many people ask how I have time to run a business, raise children, work full-time, train for competitions and learn.  I make time.  I will go on to study Social Science and eventually, Theology.  I thought I would stop and be satisfied with Paramedicine but I crave to know more.



My family are a huge reason I have been successful.  The support I receive is always 100%.  When you have a strong support unit, you can do anything.  Raising children hasn't always been easy, I find myself wondering at times if I could have done things better but at the end of the day, they are pretty damn awesome, smart and driven.  My family understand that also being a Frontline Paramedic can take it's toll at times.  They give me all the love and care I need after a big day at work.  Especially in the times of late.  This Pandemic is something I thought I would never see.  

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Are you happy?  I have asked myself this question so many times.  I have asked it of myself, I have questioned it when other people behave in a way I don't understand.  People can deflect all of their negativity & lack of direction or happiness onto you.  What do you do?  Ask yourself what you have done?  Most likely nothing!  I do everything in good faith & always question if it's necessary, kind & true.

I have practiced the ways of Buddhism for quite a long time now & never really shared it before.  If you are looking for some guidance in your life, this is a great way to start.


I love sharing what I have learned.  I have written so many ebooks and they have sold worldwide.  I love to help others reach their goals.  Isn't that why we are here?  To help others?  My ebooks cover everything from health, fitness, wellness, mental wellness and I provide comprehensive guides and workbooks.  My latest addition is the Medic Fit Institute Health & Wellness Course.  It is valued at $2499 but I have reduced it to $1249 because everyone should get the chance to get my Blueprint for life.  

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Soulstudiom is my life's work all in one.  I have combined my knowledge as a Paramedic, Fitness Professional/Master Coach, Athlete and Counsellor into one.  I can now look after my clients, Mind, Body & Soul.  For so long, so many have tried to reach their goals without looking after their mind.  Soulstudiom is a place where I can provide a service that covers it all.  

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Let's get one thing straight, I LOVE food.  I love so many foods.  It's all about moderation with my refeed meals & consistency with my "clean" foods.  While studying my Fitness & Health Certifications, my love of nutrition really sparked my interest.  Even more so when I studied Paramedicine & became a Paramedic.  Nutrition is key when trying to get your body in shape & especially, to get it running optimally.  It's not all about having the best round booty.  It's deeper than that.  It's not developing Type II Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease later.  It's putting in the ground work now so I don't fracture my NOF (Neck of Femur) & end up bed bound in my 50's or 60's.  The 2 most important daily rituals I believe in are nutrition first and movement second.  Nutrition is first because food is medicine & medicine is food.  Part of Clinical Nutritional studies has shown me how much our bodies rely on fresh whole foods at a cellular level.  The second daily ritual is movement.  That could be lifting weights (So important!) to simply climbing stairs or walking up a hill.  We have to do this everyday.  I'm super strict when I need to be for competition and don't overly restrict myself when I'm not getting ready for the world stage.