ABOUT Melissa


I have been an Emergency Paramedic in the wild streets of Western Sydney for over 13 years.  I have seen things that are seriously unbelievable.  My passion lies in helping people whether they are sick, involved in major trauma, our elderly population or those suffering from COVID19.  What a time to be a Paramedic.  It can be hard some days, rewarding the next.


I have been into fitness before it was such a big thing.  Before it got you "Pro" Status, I just knew it made me feel good & that it was good for me.  Health & Fitness has always been important to me & I will continue to look after myself everyday, especially as my life & work revolve around health.  I still compete at 47 years of age, I still do photo shoots on the rooftops of Los Angeles buildings in the L.A. Fashion District & I will always love my body & treat it well. 


I am most importantly a Mother & it's by far the best job I have ever had.  It was tough though.  I didn't have much & either did my family.  My mini me's are 28 and 20 & are my everything.  I have always wanted to show them that they can have all they need if they work for it.  I have showed them that ego and entitlement are empty & helping other humans is why we are here.  I am also part of a husband/wife team & he's pretty damn amazing.  What a life I have worked for & I'm grateful for every part of it.

Vanilla Ice Cream


Let's get one thing straight, I LOVE food.  I love so many foods.  It's all about moderation with my refeed meals & consistency with my "clean" foods.  While studying my Fitness & Health Certifications, my love of nutrition really sparked my interest.  Even more so when I studied Paramedicine & became a Paramedic.  Nutrition is key when trying to get your body in shape & especially, to get it running optimally.  It's not all about having the best round booty.  It's deeper than that.  It's not developing Type II Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease later.  It's putting in the ground work now so I don't fracture my NOF (Neck of Femur) & end up bed bound in my 50's or 60's.  The 2 most important daily rituals I believe in are nutrition first and movement second.  Nutrition is first because food is medicine & medicine is food.  Part of Clinical Nutritional studies has shown me how much our bodies rely on fresh whole foods at a cellular level.  The second daily ritual is movement.  That could be lifting weights (So important!) to simply climbing stairs or walking up a hill.  We have to do this everyday.  I'm super strict when I need to be for competition and don't overly restrict myself when I'm not getting ready for the world stage.

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My plans have everything you need from Nutrition to great Workouts  I have accountability programs, meditation and my latest is the 28 Day Atomic Body Program.

Get strong, increase your energy and let me show you how to eat well with my Protein Power Nutrition Guide.  

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