The Plant Based Paramedic

I love that I test and try my own methods before you even get to see them, let alone try them.


My plant based methods have been equally as successful as all of my other methods. It just takes a little research and tweaking and now I have a fantastic plant based method.


Right now, it looks like the plant based subject is being talked about a whole lot more by so many around the world. So it should be.


I have always loved my food and studied what works best due to all of my fitness competitions year after year and knowing I can give my clients, lots who are athletes, the best plans to get them 100% hitting their goals.


It's not just my athletes who need to be 100% their best, everyone should have access to the best plans that are personalised to their needs and goals.


I know that when I design personalised plans, they must be 100% "doable" for that person. They must be maintainable with lots of variety for some and others are happy with strict guides. I can do both. I've got you covered in every aspect.


All of your proteins, carbs, fats, greens will be calculated to you. You will have a checklist of what you need. You will have portion sizes and exactly what you need for each meal no matter what your goal is.


Perfect! Now, all you need to do is get it, follow it and reap the benefits.


What are the benefits?

> Fat loss (lower Body Mass Index)

> More energy

> Better hair, skin and nails

> Reduced risk of diabetes

> Reduced risk of heart disease

> Just a whole better body!


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