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8 Truth Tips for Competition for Newbies

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

My tips to survive competition for newbies

(& the veterans who have forgotten)

Your memories are yours and they will be all you have long after your first show. I can tell you about all the pretty stuff but let's go to the...




You can worry, fret, compare, have a mental, run excessively due to stress (and think it will make you leaner, it wont! - think increased cortisol) Look for reassurance by anyone that will listen. Remember, 10% of people care genuinely about what you are doing, 90% are just curious.

1. Do this for YOU - comparing yourself to a world champion on social media when you are 4 weeks out is so ridiculous. Here's what you don't know about this stupid exercise of comparing yourself.

1a. Its your first time and they have been doing this for 6 years almost full time

2a. This may be their only form of income and all they do is photo shoots and train while you work 12 hour days & bust your ass to TRY to get to the gym

3a. Let's be REAL - there are performance enhancing drugs in sport - stuff to put on muscle - stuff to assist a leanness that is crazy! Again, Im not saying they all do it but lots DO have access to it. All's fair in love, war and body building!

The message: Concentrate on YOU

2. If this is your first time and you expect to win everything, you may be disappointed. You may be the best on stage if you judge yourself and your friends and family are judging you but its all about being "marketable" and ask yourself - how well can you sell a product? You need to do this because you loved the journey to the stage, changed your body and tested it to see what it could do.

The message: Look for the positives you got from your journey and if you get offers in line with marketing fitness and health - great!

3. You are desperately seeking a sponsorship from any company for anything as that will confirm that you are a fitness star. Wow, please stop here. Those days are gone and you just look like every other fitness bunny showing off your butt, your boobs and giving them a code for 10% off. If you have more self respect and show that, you will attract magazines not protein powder or a fat burner companies. Im not saying they are all crap but most of them are. Putting on chunky shoes, high socks with a G Banger and a fat burner sitting right between your legs looks trashy. Dont copy what others are doing on social media, just do you #trashyAF10 #pleasedont

The message: Hold your standards high and don't lower then for some silly offer that you think will skyrocket you to fitness royalty

4. This is a hobby, not your whole life. I remember being on the phone to a promoter of a show and he said, "This is a weekend of glitz, glamour and the fittest bodies in the world BUT we all go home Sunday after our big food blow out to continue our lives on Monday!!" Get a grip! Are you waiting for all of the offers from sponsors? Are you waiting for the stage photos to see why you didn't win as your bestie told you (who has never been on stage) that you should have won!!! #rippedoff #rigged Are you back in the gym #biggerbetterstronger for your next show the next day? Most newbies will post a series of photos the day after the show and hash tag the hell of it stating they will be bigger, better and stronger for the next show and while you may have had no placing, next show #watchthisspace

The message: Only compare yourself to last time. Be better than last time, work harder than last time! YOU are your only competition.


Let's go to:

5. Eating for #GAINS = you have lost control post competition and you are eating like a machine. You will justify it to yourself and need acceptance on social media by hash tagging #refeed #gains #cheatmeal #flexibledieting

You then realise you no longer have those cut little abs and you just cant stop because you didn't eat properly post comp. You cannot go into comp on a structured plan for soooo many weeks then eat whatever you want after it. This can lead to feelings of depression, becoming anxious, lost and helpless. Stay in control. It can be really hard but the alternative sucks and you will hate yourself. Please reach out to your coach if you are feeling like this.

The message: Just increase your macro's a little each week based on the same nutrition for prep with one refeed meal each week (eg: 2 slices of pizza, salad, 1 scoop of gelato)

6. Balance. Competition prep has no balance. Its all in or get out. You need to be structured, you may get hungry, wonder why the hell you are doing this and have huge social FOMO. Adapt and overcome, you either want to do this or not. If so, stick to your plans that your coach has designed for you. Sneaking in a bit of bread will only mess you up mentally knowing you haven't followed the plan. Do the right thing. You know what you need to do.

The message: Be honest to yourself, your coach and your goals

7. Social Media will make you crazy with fear, worry, anxiety and if you doubt yourself, then now you will ask yourself if you will be ready/good enough etc... You will drive your coach mental with self doubt and spend hours trying to NOT look at your competition. They are posting their photos and let me tell you a secret. They took so many just to get that one good shot that is making you crazy. You see that shot and think, "OMG she will kick my butt!" Then the doubts surface. You go to the mirror, you look and think "will I be ready?" You pose over and over. The image you see is now distorted because you looked at someone else on social media.

Arghhhhhhhhhh STOP - this is really self destructive behaviour. Do you think they want you to all look the same on stage anyway? Do they want a whole line of fembots posing the same NOOOOOOOO. They want lots of healthy, gorgeous looking fit women who all look amazing but different. The person who places 3rd might attract a fitness magazine or active wear sponsor because they might have LOVED the way the 3rd place competitor looked.

The message: Social media can suck and will make you question yourself, simply don't look at it until after competition. Only post your stuff for you and your friends and fam.

8. Take photos, LOTS of photos weekly throughout your journey to stage. Its the best way to diarise your journey along the way and see your changes as you will not see them until you look back.

The big message here is:

Don't get caught up in the silliness of comparing yourself to anyone, stay focused on you and remember there is a whole life outside of competition.

If competition is all you want to do, if you want to be the best of the best, you have to LIVE that way. Its not a part time life, this is everyday, its how I live everyday, eat clean most of the time, work hard, train hard.

If you are struggling or want to prep the best way - message me: mel@melzimmerman.com


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