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A Real Transformation

THIS is everything.... Here, read about a real transformation

This is why I love coaching other women.

Meet one of my clients, Leanne.

She emailed me, we had long discussions about her goals and expectations and exactly why she wanted to change her body composition and to be honest, lose lots of fat.

So many women who try for years to lose fat but can't become disillusioned and give up. It does seem impossible and you do wonder if anyone out there can help you. You wonder if you get a coach, are you just their next payment to buy instagram followers or ads on facebook? (dump them)

You want a Coach/Mentor/Health and Fitness Professional who is totally invested into your health first (Yep, thats me) and who knows exactly what they are doing and who is QUALIFIED in many aspects (Also me)

Yep, Im proud to say I'm totally invested 100%. I don't need for you to succeed to build my business (that was done years ago) I need you to succeed for YOU. I need you to regain your health, I need you to love who you are and what you are doing with me. I need you to QUESTION everything and learn why I ask you to eat a certain way, train, do cardio, take (minimal) supplements for your gut health.

I focused on Leanne's nutrition and it was personalised to exactly what she needed. We also focused on weight sessions to build more muscle, I decreased her cardio - YES >> decreased!

We focused on gut health and even had a little "mental health plan" just in case thoughts crept in on "what if I cant do it" and even thoughts of cravings and moments of weakness at social events. Leanne was covered.

I want you to be healthy, I don't want you to develop type II diabetes. I don't want you to take medication for hypertension, cholesterol or develop symptoms of depression or anxiety because you feel you have no control over your weight or your health. I do not want you to be short of breath after 2 flights or feel like you cant lift weights because you are tired or weak and feel there is no point.

I want you to LOVE your damn life and most importantly YOURSELF, your body, your mind.

Leanne will take the step and stand on the most prestigious fitness and fashion stage in the world: THE WORLD BEAUTY FITNESS & FASHION STAGE to show her transformation to others.

Leanne understands that it's not all about the stage though. It's a platform and a measure not a destination. We have more work to do and we are not done yet.

These images are here to show you: It can be done You can look amazing just by taking care of your health first You will love yourself You can walk into the gym and feel good about being there You can wear your favorite jeans and feel sexy You CAN DO IT just like Leanne has

If you have "tried everything" but haven't followed one of my personalised plans, then message me so we can talk about what you can do.

If you are ready to actually change your body and see big results, I'm ready to show you the way.

Lots of love,

Melissa Zimmerman

Mum of 2 Emergency Medic Pro Fitness Athlete Master Trainer and Specialist Body Recomposition Coach Lover of Fitness and Health for everybody!


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