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Are you this person?

Let's start by saying that literally thousands of people who follow my plans are 100% successful. The smart ones use my methods to keep on getting better. Usually though, every Health & Fitness Professional will have a couple of people who are just not hitting their goals. Why? Well, there are so many reasons but it comes down to one thing... You.

People can have so much happening in their lives, so much chaos that it's a great distraction from looking after yourself. Does this resonate with you? I guess you could be mentally fatigued and cannot get motivated. The people I am talking about are not athletes prepping for a show. These people are everyday people that are overweight and that means more than you think. It doesn't just mean they don't fit into their favorite jeans or have a couple of kilos to lose. This is long term, life threatening, artery choking, cortisol producing fat that surrounds your organs. The fat that makes you hate looking in the mirror. The fat that stops you from buying the dress you want. The fat that you can feel sitting on your legs from your belly, the fat that sits between your legs and makes them rub uncomfortably when you walk, the fat that makes your arms wobble and prevents you wearing a singlet in public. It's dimpled and you look at it and think it's hideous. But what can you do? YOU can do so much.

Work out what is important to you?

What is important to you? Some 5 minute turmoil in your life or a heart attack at 49 years of age? Look up a medication called "Crestor" because that is what you will have to take to lower your high, dangerous levels of cholesterol. While you are there, look at a medication called "Diabex" - you may need that to for your type 2 diabetes. This is real, I see it everyday that I'm on duty as an Emergency Paramedic. All of these people just didn't realise that their lifestyle was going to catch up with them and make them so sick - chronically sick. The line I hear from most people is "I used to be so healthy". Working out what is important long term is so important. What quality of life will you have. I dont design plans purely for aesthetic reasons, there would be no point. You can't do this without making health change. The aesthetic part is a great bonus to changing life long habits, losing fat and moving your ass.

Let's get back to if you are being the person that drives people mad. Like ummmm Coaches like me! I want to help you. I know that my plans will work for you 100% and change your life. All of this is from a scientific and medical point of view. Not a cute blonde fitness bunny "I want to make money" point of view. It is not the reason I try to save your life and help you love what you see in the mirror. So many Coaches have taken a back seat to personal training or coaching people because it's so damn hard! You have people who won't stick to the plan and I know my plan has been designed over time based on all the things I hated about losing weight. I know my plans are amazing and so easy to follow. I never wanted to be fully restricted on my nutrition source. I had a competition coach before I started coaching who wanted me to eat 12 egg whites per day. How stupid is that! I will never ask anyone I coach to be uncomfortable in their nutrition choices. You get so much choice with my plans BUT you need to stop procrastinating and follow them.

It's time to take RESPONSIBILITY for your health, fitness, wellness and aesthetics.

You are what you eat, you are how much you move. You are what you think you are. If you think you are a failure at fat loss, you may be right but you are not a statue are you? It's not set in stone. You are in charge of how you feel, you are in charge of what you do. You are in charge of how much you eat and when you move. You are the boss babe of when you get out of bed and change your life. Stop being so damn difficult to help, you are the ONLY thing standing in your way.

Melissa Zimmerman

International Health & Fitness Expert I Emergency Paramedic

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