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Check yourself before you wreck yourself (& miss out on great photos)

A guide to the stage, stage shots and photo shoots

Stepping out on stage can be nerve racking for so many and there are some that love it and have no fear at all.

You walk out on stage for that first time and it feels like you are on there for so long but in reality its looks like you just ran on, failed to complete all of your poses properly and then ran off! Damn.

Then you realise what you did but its too late, there are minimal good photos of you now as you just went way too fast. You then see these amazing shots of everyone else and now your pissed.. "Hmmm it was the photographer, why didn't they get more!"

STOP right there. Let me guarantee it was not the photographer (who has probably shot more stage pics than you have thought about ice-cream during prep) it was you, your nerves and solely feeling uncomfortable under the spotlight after all those months of training and eating chicken, rice and broccoli.

Perfect stage shots by Aaron Murray / Black Market Fitness Media at the WBFF

So, what do you need to do? Firstly, slow down. If you are scared, breathe and mentally count your steps while you smile. It has helped so many in the past and it will help you. If you dont slow it down, you will not get great stage shots. If you stand in the same position facing back and just sticking your ass out then they are the shots you will get. 7 shots of your ass. 1 of you walking out because it was so fast and you almost ran and maybe one on the side because you were so nervous you failed to complete your T walk properly. Don't be this competitor.

There are also so many vultures trying to take shots of you that sneak into our competitions then they contact you offering you stage shots for stupid amounts of money or wanting to shoot you for free (watch this! - simply ask us if they are legit. We have been around for a long time & know who the dodgy ones are)

Once upon a time the only 2 photographers at some shows were Aaron Murray Photography and Dallas Olsen. I have to say, they are the best. Dallas shoots backstage as that is the deal he has with the WBFF - and Aaron Murray / Black Market Fitness Media are Exclusive Photographers. There are some other fantastic photographers too who have exclusive access - Tristan Manas and Shaun Poh. They are honest guys who take great photos. They are far from creepy too. We love them.

Your best 4 photographers are:

Aaron Murray Photography / Black Market Fitness Media

Dallas Olsen Studios

Tristan Manas

Shaun Poh

There is one that stands out as creepy as hell and I wouldn't trust them due to unspeakable sexual remarks while the competitors are on stage and I have even asked them to stop and reported them but they still turn up at the shows. Their photos are terrible and their reach is small, so now, we ignore and hope they will go away. Please be careful who you allow to take photos of you.

Now, hair, make up and styling. Clique styling are new to our competition world and they are fantastic. They have worked with lots of the girls who compete all the time. Our fav is Hannah Berck as she has been doing this for a long time. Katie Stevens is great, she is a competitor and She by Sharry hit the scene and hit it hard! She is amazing.

Please follow the rules though girls, you need to book in for your HMU with the WBFF HMU team. Getting your bestie to do it because she did a Napoleon Perdis course 3 years ago won't cut it and we know it's expensive to compete but you have to do it the right way.

You now have it. You now know what to do from the moment you walk on stage to the moment you walk off. Smile - slow it down - count - smile - pose. Do your T walk and get the BEST stage photos (because it will now seem like you were on there for 1 second!)

Shoving your face with all the goodies they provide backstage may show in your photos too, follow what your coach says and have some self control. You will be thankful later for this advice. If you have cheated on your prep, photos show this too. Ensure you do the right thing, follow what your coach wants you to do and get your butt to a posing workshop when you can. Commit to being the best you can.

WBFF Pro Muscle Joe Pitt captured by the best - Aaron Murray Photography / Black Market Fitness Media

If you have any questions, just ask, we love WBFF Competitions and love to see you shine




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