• Melissa Zimmerman

Fat, Sick and Slightly Suicidal

This is not me, this is how I see the general population some days as a Paramedic and Fitness Professional. While on duty, the things I see astound me every time and I don't know why? I keep seeing it and it makes me wonder why the average person doesn't want more for themselves or how they stay in their rut of eating poorly, sitting on the lounge on their ass not moving, watching crap on TV? How can they be happy with their weight, their levels of fitness or their health? How can they stand feeling like that? They are literally killing themselves slowly, every single day. Why are humans so damn self destructive?

So many will think Im talking purely aesthetics here but Im not. My health comes before how I look. I look at the staggering amount of patients and clients I have with Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol etc. They think how they deal with this is to take a tablet the doctor gave them while failing to change their daily nutrition and failing to move their ass. Surely they all have the internet and can google "how do I lose fat?" There is so much on the internet and so much education out there for people. I just don't get it.

I hate fat. I hate the feeling of it on me, putting on a little bit of weight really sucks but I do it so I have some fat stores for my heavy training and my work demands. I manipulate my nutrition weekly so I keep it at bay and at certain levels. I cycle my carbs and have high carb days, low carb days and sometimes medium carb days. When I have had lots of low carb days, I add a refeed meal as my calories have been in a deficit and its evident by my fat loss.

I do something everyday, whether its a walk around the block to a huge legs session at the gym or at home. Every single day. I did get fat at one stage of my life but couldn't stay like that. I felt disgusting, slow, lethargic and hated the feeling of my stomach hanging over touching my legs when I sat down. I absolutely despised that bloated feeling. I then dedicated an hour a day to moving and made sure that my food was fresh, low in sugar and added lots of vegetables. I only ate fresh meat, chicken, beef, fish etc and cut all processed foods. No chips, 1 square of dark chocolate per day, I cut bread altogether too. I studied gut health, I also studied more about hormones and different types of fat in our bodies.

Its not hard but you have to want to change, its all up to you. There isn't a plan in the world that can work for you unless you put everything into it. You cant buy a plan and hope it works, you have to follow it.

Try little things like:

* Cut out bread or swap 2 pieces of white bread for 1 slice of Burgan Bread

* Stop eating chips and biscuits - have a piece of fruit and 10 almonds

* Stop drinking all soft drinks - you are just drinking your calories and making yourself fat - Opt for mineral Water with lemon in it

* Move your ass - go on... get up and go for a walk

* Change how you think of yourself and stop slowly killing yourself with food

* Be consistent - do this everyday for a week and watch the changes and take note of how you feel

I hope you change the way you treat yourself and I hope you get better at looking after yourself

If I have offended anyone with my topic then you probably know you need to do something about your health.

Instead of taking it personally, why not heed the advice and start to change your life

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