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I have to do it, I have to write my Diary of a Fitness Model because we have to stop pretending it's all glute bridges, booty bands and buddha bowls. It's really hard work. It's a whole lot of sweat, early morning training, eating meals all day long. Trying to fit life into your day, trying not to look at social media to compare your start with someone's show day then wondering why your even doing this prep when everyone else is just going to be better than you (these are thoughts right, not real, just fear) Arghhhhhhhh why am I even doing this, I may as well have a "cheat" meal, I will start tomorrow, I'm just not ready.... (read on below)

I'm going to stay focused on health & fitness...

So now I'm feeling positive, I feel great, I can do this, no-one will be better than me, I just need to be better than the last time (all of these thoughts happen within the 5 minutes I walk from my car and go into work haha)

I really want to do a photo shoot though but do I want to go on stage? Do I want to keep forking out so much money to compete? I have proven myself over and over so who am I trying to prove myself to now? (Me actually.. still) As I get older, I get even more crazy about competing. I do love it and it's a rush to go on stage. I do not care about being judged at all. I am my only judge so that part I know is a part of their process.

So I have already turned pro (a long time ago) I have done multiple shows, I have made beautiful wings, I have coached so many women here in Australia and overseas, Im one of the very few longest competing fitness models, why do I keep doing it? I know that I want to be my best and see how much I can grow, I want to see how lean I can get.

Some days I hate the competition scene, really despise it and can't look at all the bullshit social media that goes with it. So much of it is fake. But do we want to see #real people struggling all the time because we want to make ourselves feel better? Do we want to see real just to see real people or do we need a mix of bullshit and real to keep a balance?

All of this came about because I was going through check in with one of my clients who is in another country and she is planning on going to a workshop. I warned her to be wary of the prep vultures that want to poach clients because they are "one show comp coaches" and they will promise you the world. I think this is what I despise about the industry, the vultures. I remember in previous years that a few of my clients thought the grass was greener elsewhere, they were poached by what showed as false promises when they got on stage. I was horrified by one former client that unfortunately didn't look as good as when she first joined me. AND her new "Coach" let her get on stage.

The truth is, some come to you and you hope they stick to the plan because they will not make it to stage if they don't. When I coached her, she looked amazing, got nothing but honesty from me and was ready for stage. She even did the fitness category and looked so amazing. When she got on stage last, I was sad for her. She should not have been on stage and a good coach would have been honest and told her she wasn't ready. I feel sad for her because she is a great person who is now 10 steps back.

I also need to remember that she is an adult who made a bad decision for which she is paying for.

My last words on this. I need to be a health & fitness model. I am so much more than 2 minutes on stage. That means practising what I preach everyday. Eating well, lifting heavy things and loving my changes. I need to keep on remembering why I do this and how many people I have helped to change their lives. I need to remember that I am showing my Son, My Daughter, my Nieces & my God Daughters how to maintain a healthy body and relationship with my body. I must stay focused on what makes me happy and stay positive.

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