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Post Comp Feels and the IIFYM Olympics

Post Comp Blues

(Yep, its real & it can be a deep black hole)

Congratulations on getting this far. Its a huge thing to do that so many people cannot see through to the end.

Your journey has been all sorts of thing, hard, amazing, eye opening, frustrating, lots of FOMO but you decided to stick to the plan when your friends were saying "come on, you can have just one, it wont hurt!" BUT you didnt do it!

What about that self control! You had a goal and you stuck to your guns. Thats such a great way to stay in control. You felt bullet proof. Is it because you had that one date in mind - May 11? You are going to stand in front of so many people and you cannot mess this up now (so you didnt)

YOU are in control.

What a powerful feeling.

Now, let's talk about self control.

Comp day will test you big time. There are so many yummy things back stage and you will think "stuff it, Im lean, I can eat what I want" BANG - sugar rush and you are hashtagging the hell out of your ab pics #absfordayz

There will be pastries, pizza, cake, donuts and lollies, so many lollies. Its what you have been dreaming about for days.

You are the envy of many, especially those being sensible and just taking it easy. They will have a couple of lollies before they hit the stage and then a feed after comp then back to a guided plan for them. These are the smart people and let me tell you, they may be fighting themselves hard. Imagine the inner battle going on "Go on have it, its just one donut" "Ok, I will stop after 2" "No, do NOT eat that donut, do NOT ruin all your hard work and place all that stress on your body"

If this is the only or last comp you have planned, you are in danger. Big danger and you need to recognise it now.

I must confirm one thing for you

YOU are NOT crazy.

and the IIFYM means "If it fits your mouth" because thats where some people get it all wrong

You need a nutrition strategy to head out of this competition prep for at least the next 90 days. Wow, long time right? It took more than a week to get comp ready and it will take more than a week to allow your body to readjust to non comp prep food consumption.

We know, we have seen it 1000000 times. You will go and hit the gym all week and the hash tag game will be strong. The long appreciation posts will be long and the resolution to be bigger and better next time even though I didnt place right now" OR it will be "I won, Im going to now conquer the world, take over every magazine cover and basically eat what I want and take pics of my abs" You will think of food you have never previously liked or wanted! Prep does strange things to your mind and body!

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Chilllll out, seriously. Take a minute. It does not even matter where you place, no-one but you will remember because there are so many 1st, 2nds, Top 5's, Top 10's. It only matters how YOU feel and what YOU think and now how you use the few extra calories you have. Your nutrition and training strategy is now what matters for your body composition changes and the number one priority - your health.

Do you know what you do to your body when you smash it with copious amounts of food?

Especially when its the total opposite of what you have been eating?

Your plan for the next 3 months and beyond is what matters. It truly now is YOU against YOU. You don't go against others, they are your friends, they love what you love.

Hopefully your coach has a strategy for you and your nutrition. Its called "Reverse Dieting" "Reverse Comp Nutrition" and its NUMBER ONE for you post comp.

You need to stay in control, you may even feel down now that the comp has been and gone.

Plan Plan Plan!

Will you do another prep?

Are you mentally strong enough to get through another one?

Do you have great support?

Are you struggling with food?

Do you want to change your body?

Do you want more muscle, bigger glutes, bigger shoulders, better abs?

Work out what you want

1. Write a plan

2. Tell your coach or support person

3. Execute your plan daily, little by little - one day at a time

4. Stay positive

5. Move your ass daily, every morning. Dont think - MOVE

6. Use distractions away from bad food - go for a walk, have a massage, buy something to go on that fit bod you have

7. Do bi-weekly check ins - it will keep you very accountable

8. Tan Tan Tan - it always makes you feel amazing

9. Do a long walk to great selfie spots with your love or bestie

10. Stick to your post comp nutrition plan above all and stay in control

Ok, you now have some insight into post comp and you have ways to combat feeling down or eating like you are in the donut olympics. You can do this and be better than ever.

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