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Summer is coming

It never gets boring, every spring, I get excited about Summer and promise myself I will look and feel amazing. Usually I succeed because I follow my plans. I get to wear any bikini I want, shorts, crop tops and umm yeah.. Im 46. Not 26, not in my teens, damn FOUR - SIX .. so so close to 50 but it doesn't matter. Im good. I work for it.

You can do the same. You can get the body you want and keep it. Sounds like a dream. Sounds like something other women get. No way! This is something you can have too. See below.

Get it! Your 90 Day Body

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How I do it?

I design your plans based on exactly what you need. NO generic plans, ever.


This is simple, I design how much you need and in certain formats

You follow it and before you know it, you are looking back, seeing yourself like never before


You may need to lift weights or a little cardio but your nutrition is what takes care of your transformation. You cannot out-run your fork, so if you are eating MORE than you are moving, this will be harder for you. Follow your nutrition plan 100%.


People who know me know that I do not believe in all the body building supplement rubbish ads. They are not proven to work and never have been. Most pre workouts and fat burners are sodium, caffeine and sugar. Its cheaper to buy a long black and go for a 5 km walk. Do not waste your money on bullsh** supps. I design your supplement protocols based on what you lack. Calcium, iron, vitamin C, D, E probiotics, fish oils and other essential elements.

That's the basis of my plans and they are simple, effective and work 100%.

My plans are all $199 right now (down from $499) because I want women to know how it feels to succeed! I want women to feel happy, confident and healthy.

I'm always here if you have questions. Message me or send me an email to:


Unlike others, I answer my emails and I design your plans.

I'm your Coach and you communicate directly with me as I have the knowledge it takes to help you succeed.

Lots of love,

Melissa Zimmerman

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