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The Power of Now

The older I get, the more I learn and feel non attachment to so many things. I have just returned from the USA and it was eye opening for me, I felt things that I had previously doubted I could ever feel. I always thought I had to aim for a competition to prep. You know, meal prep, training, lowering calories, having scheduled refeeds BUT as I found in the previous 3 months, I can do anything without aiming for comp and look so much better. I work well under pressure but it has to be a pressure I am happy to be under.

This was a personal goal. Not to get into a comp bikini or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I have cut comp prep all together, I still have many women that I love to prep, especially transformation. There's power in transformation. BIG Power within you. I think and feel a little beyond #compfeels and #cheatmeals. For me, comp prep is not hard and the fact that if you have a huge goal, it should never be hard to stick to. If it is, you have the wrong coach or you are not that into your goals.

Fast forward to the USA. I had decided to take long service leave and go to initially hang with one of my really great girlfriends who had a relationship break up and be there for her (that I did for 2 weeks) and by the end of it, we were laughing about how much he will miss out now on being with her because she is an amazing person. What an idiot. His loss. I thought while I was over there, I would shoot with America's best fitness photographer, Noel Daganta. He has so many covers and has shot in some amazing locations. Now, I was never going to be comp lean but I never wanted to be. I kept thinking that I must be crazy but then thought, hold on, I want to be fuller. What a fight in my own head!! Whenever I have prepared for competition, it was always retain as much muscle as possible while losing as much fat as possible. I needed veins and skin on muscle. Crazy. Now, I KNOW I wanted to be fuller in the face, my shoulders and especially my butt. Who am I?

Behind the scenes - Rooftop Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District 5 February 2020

I had celebrated my birthday in Los Angeles. 2 of my best friends took me to where the celebs hang out. We didn't care about the celebs but we wanted to be somewhere "alive" so we partied at Catch Los Angeles and it was soooo good. I turned 47. Another crazy thing. When I was 20, getting to my 40's was just so far away. I tried not to think about it. I feel that the power of now is a huge deal and I wish I would have thought this way when I was in my 20's. I was looking so far forward, I was never in the "now". I was not living in the present at all. I want to go back and have a chat to my 20 year old self and say, "don't worry about trying to be perfect" "don't worry about trying to please people" "Just be you" Arghhhhhhh but all I can do is live right now in the present. I'm doing it and it is so fantastic to feel this sense of balance.

The balance of hanging out with my best friends and being present was so amazing. We laughed so hard. We could hear these 2 guys in suits behind us who were Netflix producers talking about the politics and bullshit of their industry and how they would love to take certain people down.. wow, we were so happy we are in the industry we are in (Medicine) but their conversation could have easily been heard in the fitness industry. That's another blog and it will be coming like a bulldozer haha! The sense of peace right now is huge. Its like 500 kilos have been lifted off my shoulders. I made my rules, I did my shoot on my terms, I ate what I wanted to eat. I found my plant based cafes and had yummy falafel. I did sprints because I love them, I didn't do weights for the entire 2 weeks I was in the USA. I start back into my training today, because I want to for my strength and for my job and because I love it. Not because I want to put some silly work out video on instagram. Didn't that get crazy. Every bikini or fitness model started doing their whole workouts on insta.... arghhh stop. Show us when you get up, show us your travels. We know how to squat and crab walk in booty bands FFS.

What's the message here? You do you. Live in the present moment. Find your happy. Eradicate negative energies around you. Eat well. Try plant based foods every Tuesday. Have a meat free monday. Do things at your pace. Love your family and friends. Give them your time. Do not be pushed into timelines you cannot commit to. That is why I made all of my health and fitness plans lifestyle plans. You can do them in 12 weeks or you can do them over 12 months by adapting my methods into your life bit by bit.

We were downtown at the Kobe Bryant Memorial and I found these cute wings. Although my photographer didn't line me up with the wings, I was there... in the moment and I am so happy I was. We laughed about how I'm not even in line with the wings and we joked that she was now unemployed as my photographer. What a trip! Loved every moment

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