• Melissa Zimmerman

Toughen up, Buttercup

Im not ashamed to say there are many sides to me, we all have different facets to our personalities and that all depends on where we are, environment, who we are around, when we are at work, at home, with our friends, children, husbands, partners, wives, etc....

This week I have realised (actually, over my lifetime) that people think they are owed or they feel entitled to expect that everyone must help them or give to them and that they do not have to work for it. Straight up, you are kidding yourself. You will get nothing from me unless you give as well.

Many clients and even in my role as a Paramedic, people expect the impossible. A client may want a plan that will work miracles but they think following it part of the time will work. Not much different from a smoking patient who ends up with emphysema/COPD and calls an Ambulance for breathing problems (Yep, everyday this happens) BUT then they still smoke. Its pure insanity really.

Let's talk about being a client. You email or contact me, state all the goals you want to achieve, get a plan designed for you which takes hours THEN you don't follow it 100% THEN wonder why you haven't achieved your desired results. Hmmm pure insanity again right?

Who are these people? Are they blamers? Are they weak? Are they just dreamers who will never achieve anything? Have they been told many times they just cant achieve things? So many different people make up our world. I need to be completely honest though. I want the achievers and people that are driven because thats how I am wired. I cannot talk about things but not achieve them and not because I fear what people will think or say, Its what I THINK of myself Its what I achieve and my goals that I can tick off.

ELIMINATE whatever you have in your life that does not help you evolve including negative people and go after what you want! Life is so short and you think you have lots of time. Get tough. Be relentless in what sets your soul on fire.

So I guess the final words are "Toughen up, Buttercup" No-one is coming to save you, there is no magic pill, you cant purchase a plan and stare at it hoping it will work. You can't just get lean thinking about it, you have to work and work hard. Everyday.

Stop talking, start doing.


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