• Melissa Zimmerman

Why being authentic can only lead to happiness

I love to see others succeed, especially when I am a part of the process. Is that selfish, no way! It's human. The sooner we start to act more human, the better our relationships will be. It's not great to feel vulnerable but don't you want to be authentically you?

Don't you want to be real?

Meet Amy, she was real from the start. She has 2 young kids, a great family, hubby is away with work a lot but she stayed true to herself, was very honest and authentic with me and success was inevitable.

I met Amy 2 days out from her show but we had worked together on her prep for months before that. I can pep you up months before your show and tell you how amazing the show will be and how you may feel during prep, after prep and definately after your show. I will always be honest with you. I will always be authentically me and that comes with lots of years of competition knowledge and seeing the same things over and over.

My message here is be you, only you. Do it for you. Do the comp for you and the shoot to capture you at your best. Not for fame, money, pro status or to be the next big thing. Just do it for you and leave the rest for the universe to decide. Have your goals, sure! You must have goals and attach yourself to them, not people and not things. Other people's expectations are not your problem. Your expectations for you are the only thing that matter. You do you sister.

Be authentic and happiness will be right there with you

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