• Melissa Zimmerman

Why can't I lose weight?

I get asked this daily. If you don't like the cold, hard truth maybe don't read any further.

The excuses I hear DAILY sometimes make me want to hit my head against a wall as its less painful to hear than the bullsh*t I hear from people.

"Im on medication"

"I counted my macros, I must have something medically wrong with me"

"My family are big people"

"I have big bones"

"I have a thyroid issue so I CANT lose weight" (Arghhhhhhh this one, don't say this to a medical professional who is also a Coach)

"I had an operation"

"I just cant lose weight"

Either you don't eat enough throughout the day then smash 3000 calories when you get home, also smash the red wine into you or your portion sizes are too big AND you stress - HELLO - fat gain.

Fatty belly, fatty thighs, dimpled butt, low energy, bad skin, brittle hair etc.... the list goes on.

People come to me and tell me they can't lose weight (before they are on my plans) and I understand education on weight loss is out there but people find it hard to control themselves and their cravings or they find it hard to adjust habits. If you want to change your body bad enough, you will. Your mind is stronger than you think and you need to harness that relentless momentum to stay on track once you find the weight loss journey that works for you.

When you eat well, you will feel it and see it, even if you take medication. Even if you don't move your ass. People are not taking nutrition serious enough, it really is your medicine, proper medicine. Once you get that right, your life will change. My 90 Day Body is a blueprint for this. It shows you how to change and what to change which many do not know. I add in my supplement protocols to assist you while changing your body, getting rid of fat and retaining strong muscle. Got questions? Get in touch with me and let's chat about your goals

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