• Melissa Zimmerman

Why you don't succeed

Yep, this is my serious face, this is my "why the hell not" face. This is also my "I can't stand when people procrastinate/waste my time" face. I am not getting any younger and either are you.

The problem is - You THINK you have time. You don't. This is the reason you don't succeed.

You wait, you think, you say tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come for you because you need to start today. I can't even imagine waiting to do something or go after something I want. I will always do it the right way and I will never hurt anyone in my pursuit of my own happiness. There are things I won't do though, I will not wait. That kills my chi, my "now" vibe. I get an idea, I analyse, I do.

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How many people do you see in the gym doing the same thing, getting nil results but they will always say to you, "Im on a diet" "I have started a new program" "Im training with (insert new personal trainer here of the month)" "I have started keto" blah blah blah. They do not succeed because they do the same thing over and over and cannot maintain or fully understand ketogenesis at all. How frustrating to watch. Even more frustrating when you sit and watch and you KNOW how they can change. You know you have the answers but they follow fads and do what they have always done. They will get what they have always got.

Another thing I find with many people is that they are scared. Too scared to try, too scared to take a leap. Too scared to commit. I do not understand how they can let fear hold them back. Fear drives me, fear pushes me to jump and try new things. Fear is why I have been so successful for so long. But what do I define as successful?

I am happy, I am fit,we eat well, my children are happy and they are driven to succeed. We travel, we eat together, we go out to dinners with people we love and we don't have to stick to a budget because when we celebrate, we have no limits. We work hard and we love what we do plus get paid for it. It's not really work is it? It's getting rewarded to do what we love that makes us happy. We are positive, we are never victims, we never blame anyone else for any of our own mistakes. We give to others, we help others and we have no ego. We are not better than others but I know we are happier than others. I married my best friend and we disagree but we always band back together to continue to be happy and successful..

Maybe if you change the way you think, took responsibility for all that happens to you and even controlled the way you react to what happens to you, maybe if you stopped being so scared and used your fear as fuel, you may succeed too.

You can change and be successful but its totally up to YOU

You are in control

Melissa Zimmerman

Mum - Wife - Paramedic - Coach - Fitness Pro


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