• Melissa Zimmerman

Your Crazy Potential

Yep, I say crazy because you don't even realise what you are capable of.

I could be a cute fitness chic who posts multiple pics of my round butt but I'm way more than than.

My potential is crazy! I can literally do anything and I do. I have 3 interviews lined up for some high profile, high demand positions within my organisation. I am the founder and CEO of Fit Paramedic HQ and Melissa Zimmerman Health & Fitness. I have designed thousands of life changing health, wellness and fitness programs for people across the world.

I have prepped hundreds of amazing women for the stage or for their own personal life changing transformations. I have put some jaw dropping physiques on the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Stage. I have held the title of Miss Fitness Australia and Australasia a few times over. I'm doing my degree in Clinical Nutrition.

Your POTENTIAL is crazy.

My latest obsession is my brain and it's plasticity. Yep, I'm studying my brain. You know why?

Because no-one is dumb, no-one is limited. We are only self limited. We have limiting self beliefs. It's you who places barriers in front of you.

Maria, Amy and Leanne changed when they removed those self limiting factors.

When they took away mental obstacles and said "I can and will do this" plus followed my plans, the magic happened.

You can do this too.

Message me about re-inventing your body starting now

I want to show you your crazy potential.

Love Melissa x

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